Infinum-Sponsored Youth Hockey Team Dazzles in OT Game

In a thrilling overtime game, the minor-mite hockey team showcased resilience and skill, narrowly missing the championship title but capturing hearts at the Winnetka Ice Arena. 

Our love of sport extends beyond our recreational basketball teams and the engagements we’ve had with the NHL and MLS. For the 2023-24 season, we were the proud sponsor of a minor-mite youth hockey team (players aged 5-6) at the esteemed Winnekta Hockey program outside of Chicago.

The Infinum team punched their ticket to the finals by overcoming a 7-point deficit to defeat a divisional rival. Last weekend, in front of a crowd of hundreds (including the newly crowned state champion Squirt team and coaches) at Winnetka Ice Arena, the pint-size skaters rallied from behind to tie the game with just minutes to go in regulation.

The game went to non-sudden death overtime, and the kids grabbed an early 8-7 lead that was knotted just as time was running out. The battle raged on until feisty #10 in neon green scored a breakaway to the lower glove side with under two minutes to play. Infinum rallied with two shots in the final 5 seconds, but the opposing goaltending remained stout, and the Cup slipped away as time expired. 

What a game! What a season! The kids kept their heads high as they shook hands in that great hockey tradition, and then they hoisted the runner-up trophy. Most importantly, every player had fun and improved by great strides, ready to lace up again next season.