The New Infinum Website Is Live, and It Was About Time

Good news everyone! We have a new site, and it’s leaking awesomeness all over desktops, mobile phones and tablets.

Where we come from they say that the shoemaker wears the worst shoes. All too often, this is true in other professions. You get so tied up in your day-to-day work (which is building stuff for clients), that you never get around to building stuff for yourself. We had to change that.

The new website

The old website was extremely outdated, both in terms of design, content and the technology behind it. We moved to building the new one a couple of months ago.

We wanted it to reflect all of the core values behind Infinum – the professional approach, the attention to details, showcase the technologies we work with, showcase all the stuff we’ve worked on over the years and wrap it up in beautiful design.

A lot of work went into the polishing process, the iterations of “should we do this, or move it 10px to the right”. With this project, the web and design teams probably landed the toughest client they could get – me.

Kudos to everybody working on the project, the web team punching away at the backend and frontend code, the design team with the awesome design, the QA team for doing iterations and iterations of testing on different devices and everybody else that pitched in on the work.

Focus points

With the new Infinum website we wanted to nail 4 things just right. They are, in no particular order:

  • Mobile
  • Speed
  • Portfolio
  • Blog

In the future, I’ll dedicate an article addressing each of these topics and the how’s and why’s.

In the meanwhile – take a look around and tell us what you think about the new site.