[ANNOUNCING] Sprint Never Work with Designers and Developers Again


Developing software is hard. You need to create specs, wireframes, coordinate design and development teams, outline features, iterate on prototypes. Today – we’re changing that

We often get briefs from our clients. PDF files that explain their business needs, deadlines, budgets and other important aspects of their business. We need to analyze them, give out estimates, coordinate schedules, plan architectures and come up with creative concepts.

So we thought – what if we could automate that?

Welcome – Sprint


Sprint is a tool for automating the creative process. Basically what Sprint does is – you upload a PDF brief, it analyzes it using a highly adaptive machine-learning algorithm. As a result Sprint generates a fully working and perfectly tested software solution.

The initial version of Sprint will include support for

  • iPhone / Android / Windows Phone 7 apps
  • Choosing your Web service (backend) language. We currently support Ruby/Rails and Python/Django
  • Varying levels of design flatness. Obviously, you’ll want the design as flat as possible, but we’re laying out other options here as well.

Coming soon

We’re very late in the development of Sprint. We’ll be releasing the product in late Q3/2014.

Sign up as a beta tester here so we can notify you when Sprint is out.