Rails Girls Free Workshops for Learning Ruby on Rails

Rails Girls is a global, non-profit movement from Finland with the goal of providing tools and a community for women to access technology and build their ideas.

The basic idea is to provide a pleasant experience in software development and make technology more accessible to women. The fact is that today the percentage of women in software development is small. Without going into much debate on the causes of the issue, Rails Girls merely tries to solve that problem.

Rails Girls in Zagreb

I’m extremely glad that the team organizing Rails Girls in Croatia came to us (Bojana, Lucija). Mostly because it gives us a chance to prove that we’re actually not total sexist peasants that you could sometimes deduce from our sense of humor.

The first Rails Girls in Croatia will be on 19th and 20th October, in Zagreb, Nova Cesta 5. The venue is provided by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, another partner of this event.

Why Rails?

If you’re familiar with what we do, you’re probably aware that for 4-5 years the entire Infinum server side web development is based on Ruby on Rails.

That was about the time when I wrote my first lines of Rails code, somewhere around Rails v1.2 (Rails is going into version 4.0 soon). I was delighted with the characteristics of Ruby and the elegance of Rails, and we never looked back.

See you there

You can find more information on the Rails Girls website. If you’re a woman, interested in programming and want to build your web application with the best tools available today, sign up for this great event.

If you’re a man, you can participate, but only if you show up with a wife/girlfriend/friend.