Infinum Opens an Office in Montenegro


Two Montenegrins lie under a tree in deep shade. Suddenly, a car races by, goes off the road, and tumbles into a ditch. A briefcase falls out of the car, pops open, and a bunch of bills scatter around.

One of the Montenegrins says: “If only the wind blew in our direction, we’d be rich!”

Stereotype – debunked

Montenegrins are lazy, Croatians are boring, Slovenians are stingy – these are all common stereotypes in the rocky Balkans. Our region has a rich culture, a long history, and a tendency to make fun of your neighbor.

Our experience with Montenegrins has been quite the opposite, so we are proud to announce that we’re opening an office in Podgorica, Montenegro.

Broadening horizons

Infinum is constantly growing, expanding to new markets, and hiring.

Montenegro has great talent potential and the local software development scene is just shaping up, with young professionals graduating from universities like the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering.

Other than being a blooming tech destination, Montenegro is also the postcard-perfect country where the people will get under your skin just as quickly as the sand will get between your toes.

Infinum is bringing new employment opportunities, 16 years of know-how, experienced developers, a structured workflow, and a strong client portfolio to Montenegro.

An Alliance is formed

Rewind four years back, when we met the head of the new office, Mladen Rakonjac, at an afterparty at Droidcon Torino.

A couple of months later, he started working for Infinum as an Android engineer through Infinum Alliance, and our collaboration gradually grew into a long-term partnership.

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mladen rakonjac, the man in charge at infinum montenegro

Mladen started learning about Android back in 2013 when it was still a new technology, after finishing his graduate and postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences in Montenegro and completing an internship at the Tennessee Technological University in the US.

“After coming back home, I’ve gained a lot of experience through agency and freelance work, but the key moment was establishing a connection with Infinum Alliance. From there on, I became more and more involved in various projects, so I gathered a team of like-minded people. Today, we are fully integrated into Infinum’s operations“, says Mladen.

Join Infinum Montenegro

Our plan is to grow the Montenegro office to up to 60 people in the next two years, as well as to establish Infinum Academy and initiate cooperation with universities in Montenegro down the road.

Mladen is optimistic that Infinum’s Montenegrin office will gain traction fast: “It’s a great environment for younger engineers to grow and gain experience working with companies such as Philips, Porsche, Royal Caribbean, KPMG, and the like.”

If you would like to join Infinum Montenegro, check out our careers page to see the positions currently open. We are looking for senior developers in various technologies, quality assurance engineers, project managers, designers, and other experts, as well as accepting open job applications.