Infinum Becomes Climate Neutral Certified

Joining the growing movement of environmentally aware companies, Infinum received the internationally recognized Climate Neutral Certified standard that marks our contribution to fighting climate change.

We always strive to make an impact with our work but impacting the health of our planet with carbon emissions is not something we want to be responsible for. Wanting to take full accountability for our carbon footprint, Infinum took the initiative and received the internationally recognized Climate Neutral Certified standard for carbon measurement and neutrality. 

Working with the Climate Neutral organization, we have successfully measured and compensated for our 2022 carbon footprint while making progress on time-bound reduction action plans.

Climate Neutral Certified companies are demonstrating how immediate action on climate change is possible and essential. We congratulate Infinum on joining this powerful movement that gives companies and consumers meaningful ways to act on climate—today. They are leading the way, taking immediate voluntary action to address their carbon emissions, and engaging their consumers around this important issue like never before.

AUSTIN WHITMAN, CEO of Climate Neutral

Climate Neutral is an independent, non-profit organization committed to solving climate change by making carbon neutrality simple and accessible for companies. Their certification is awarded annually to companies choosing to take responsibility for the greenhouse gas emissions they generate from making and delivering their products and services. 

The Climate Neutral certification is a well-known symbol. Now that we proudly hold it, clients who choose to partner with us can be assured that our operations are directed towards meaningful action for fighting climate change.

As an agency operating in an innovation-driven sector, we believe it is our responsibility to push further. Sustainable development is an important step towards shifting industry boundaries and raising collective awareness about climate change as well as overall corporate responsibility. We take pride in achieving this milestone and are committed to taking small steps towards building a more sustainable future.


The Climate Neutral certification process is extensive – it includes measuring, offsetting and reducing a company’s overall carbon footprint. In 2022, Infinum measured 863 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide, which we’ve successfully offset with eligible verified carbon credits in partnership with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation and ClimeCo

Besides the ecological benefits, the projects we’ve decided to invest in carry a significant humanitarian impact. One of them targets deforestation and forest preservation in Brazil and was chosen as the Carbon Offsetting Project of 2020, the second one reduces HFC greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere, while the last one is in partnership with ClimeCo and focuses on NO2 abatement. All of these projects generate not only an enormous environmental impact, but also contribute to technological development and support local employment in underprivileged areas of the world.

Having measured and offset our carbon footprint, we are now primarily focused on reducing our emissions for the long run. Currently, we are rebooting our commute policies and providing additional EV chargers to encourage the use of renewable energy sources. We’ve also committed to switch to low-carbon-footprint office products, and reshape our supply policy towards non-toxic and recyclable products that reduce the need for single-use plastic. 

Our effort doesn’t stop with the Climate Neutral certificate. Each year we plan to set even more challenging reduction targets, expand the team involved in this initiative, and organize more activities to support our efforts. 

We believe awareness is the first step towards making bigger changes. Our sustainable strategy is based both on supporting important environmental projects as well as developing internal measures to help our planet. When we work with like-minded clients, we are creating an even larger environmentally-aware collective, and the changes we make can have a larger and wider impact.