Infinum Once Again Achieves Climate Neutral Certification

We’ve reinforced our commitment to environmental sustainability through a second Climate Neutral certification. Moving forward, we commit to further reduction goals and continue to offset our carbon footprint through selected projects. 

Just in time for Earth Day, Infinum has proudly attained the Climate Neutral certification for the second year in a row. While the thrill may not be as intense as the first time, re-certifying underscores our ongoing commitment to sustainability practices and willingness to learn from past experiences to refine our carbon neutrality approach.

Climate Neutral is an independent, non-profit organization committed to combating climate change by making carbon neutrality simple and accessible for companies. Its certification is awarded annually to companies that choose to take responsibility for the greenhouse gas emissions they generate from making and delivering their products and services.

The idea behind Climate Neutral is to help companies measure, reduce, and offset their carbon footprint by buying carbon and clean energy credits.

Despite its simplicity and lack of absolute precision in measurement, the process effectively encourages companies to develop and actively engage in internal sustainability initiatives. Climate Neutral also ensures a secure acquisition of carbon offsets, enabling companies to reduce their carbon footprint to zero.

The positive impact of the Climate Neutral certification extends beyond our organization. It is one label we happily accept as it helps clients and customers identify companies that prioritize and invest in sustainability efforts.

On the path to true sustainability

This year, Infinum measured 880 tons of carbon emissions. Although this figure is consistent with our last year’s total due to a revised measurement approach, we have recorded reductions in specific areas thanks to our targeted action plans.

Moving forward, we’re committed to further reduction goals, such as cutting processed foods in our office snack supply by 20% and transitioning to lower carbon footprint alternatives. We also aim to enter into a power purchasing agreement to source at least 25% of our energy from renewable sources globally by 2025 and promote low-carbon commuting by offering all Infinum employees free access to company bicycles, complete with complimentary parking and repair tools.

In addition to our ongoing reduction efforts, we continue to offset our current emissions in partnership with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation, classified as an environmental partner of the 1% for the Planet organization.

This year’s offset projects include supporting a wind farm in Argentina, protecting tropical rainforests in Acre, Brazil, and preventing the production of virgin HFCs in the U.S. while promoting HFC recapture.

When selecting offset projects, we prioritize those that not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions but also generate long-term employment opportunities for locals and reduce dependency on energy imports, especially in projects like wind farms. Forest protection projects also provide humanitarian benefits, helping to alleviate poverty and making a positive impact on climate, community, and biodiversity.

Becoming Climate Neutral allows us to better understand our estimated carbon footprint. With each recertification, we can refine our benchmarks, set more specific reduction targets, and measure the success of our sustainability initiatives more accurately.

The most crucial aspect of this journey is our unwavering commitment to becoming a truly sustainable company. Although we’ve made significant progress, we recognize that the journey towards full sustainability is ongoing. We are proud of our achievements and the valuable lessons we have learned along the way.