Score Great Projects with Infinum Alliance


In more than 15 years of building digital products, we’ve established Infinum as a highly requested vendor and ensured a steady stream of inquiries we don’t always have the capacity to take on. We collaborate with clients around the world on a daily basis, work on multiple platforms, and deliver top-notch products.

We’re busy, in the best way possible.

Sometimes, we need an extra hand or two

As a result, the time period before we have the capacity to take on new interesting projects can get long. It gets frustrating for both us and our clients as we want to jump right into a project and start developing fabulous digital products.

That’s why we need you to help us out!

Join Infinum Alliance

Are you a top-notch software development company or a freelancer? Are you interested in helping us craft digital products? Or maybe you have some time available and are looking for projects to fill up your development pipeline?

Look no further: Infinum Alliance is a network of design & development companies and IT professionals who collaborate on building great products. Our goal is to connect with talent and benefit from each other’s experiences.

The terms and conditions

We offer a long-term cooperation model based on a monthly time & materials engagement. As a member, you can expect a steady stream of cutting-edge and challenging projects from established companies.

Once you decide to join us, this is how the process looks like:

  • Fill out the application form
  • Meet us for an online introductory chat
  • Do the online technical interview
  • Get projects delivered to your inbox

Need reassurance? Find more information and check out what our existing partners are saying about Infinum Alliance here.

Other important info

  • We share the project requirements, rates, and deadlines with you by email
  • Project duration varies, but usually, it’s between 3-6 months. Each brief contains details about the engagement expected on your end. Depending on the project, the number of hours may vary from month to month.
  • For tracking time, we use Productive. It’s a tool for tracking hours amongst a lot of other things. It’s intuitive to use, but we’ll onboard you before engaging in your first project just in case.
  • Payments are handled on a monthly basis. To get paid, you’ll need to send an invoice based on your time report from Productive.
  • If the project gets canceled, our Operations team will do their best to relocate you to another project in our pipeline.

Let’s get down to business

Despite being a software agency with a headcount of almost 320 people in 10 locations, we sometimes have a lot on our hands. That is why we are always on the lookout for long-term talented partners.

When you work with us through Infinum Alliance, you reap the benefits of the reputation we built and get to collaborate on interesting projects by renowned clients and eliminate the uncertainty of working alone.

We promise you’ll be in good company.