Damn Be, Ye Corporate Titles!


As I have risen to power as the new JavaScript Team Dictator, my first decree was to abolish the standard corporate job titles. Why, you ask?

What’s in a job title? Does title make the job done? We all sit behind our desks and toil from 9 to 5 doing our work. But for some – it’s more than that. It isn’t just “some work” – it’s a way of life.

Software developers? Programmers? Is that all we really are? Just some people talking to computers? Punching exact codes so that the computer does our bidding?

I say nay! We’re so much more than that! We are dreamers! We are creators! We are mighty warriors fighting through the vast battlefield called the Web, and that’s why we refuse to bow down to the shackles of contemporary corporate job titles!

JavaScript Warriors Assemble!
JavaScript Warriors Real Names!

Fight the power! Fight the establishment! Rise against the system! Fuck common sense!