Croatia Traffic Info 100.000+ Downloads and a Few Cool Things You Should Know


HAK stands for Croatian Automobile Club, and in cooperation with them we have developed a popular mobile application.

To start, let’s break down the application into relevant numbers. The application has:

  • 49.000 downloads for iPhone,
  • 56.000 downloads for Android,
  • more than 1.400.000 sessions,
  • an average rating of 4.5 on App Store,
  • an average rating of 4.7 on Google Play.

In a nutshell, this mobile application is a swiss army knife for people who travel, regardless of the distance. Taking these numbers into consideration, this has been recognized by a large number of users.

What can this app do for me?

Let’s assume for a moment you’ve found yourself in another city and are having trouble finding where you’ve parked your vehicle. We have a solution for that. Trying to find a nearby ATM or branch from your favorite bank? The information is at your disposal. Your travel route includes a highway and you would like to check the traffic info before you go? Piece of cake. While at it, why not check where is the nearest gas station and how much they charge for the type of gas you need.

Although it may seem that this application is aimed at people who drive only, due to the extent of information available, it is very useful to people who have no intention of sitting behind a wheel in the foreseeable future.

A few cool things you should know about

Several other blogs and zines have covered this app already, but we would like to point out a few things that are not immediately obvious, mentioned before, or we just consider too cool to miss out.

1. Sortable menu

Menu sorting

Same as our Erste mBanking mobile banking app, we’ve implemented the ability to sort and rearrange your main menu, as well as to hide the modules you don’t consider particularly useful. This way, the application is always tailored to the specific needs of a single user and hidden stuff can always be restored via application settings.

2. Push notifications for car club members

Members of Croatian car uclub can, receive push notifications from the club, notifying them, among else, of impending membership expiration and how to renew it.

3. The best mobile parking available on the market

The single distinguishing feature of this mobile parking compared to any other available is the most updated and largest database of cities and parking zones in Croatia. Immediately after opening this module, the app will precisely determine the city you’re in and the parking zone via GPS. The basic information such as hourly wages, working time of the zone and others are neatly laid out at your convenience.

Where is my car

Also, if the option is turned on, when you pay the parking fee, the app will remember your location and use it in the “Where’s my car?” module.

4. Find out what’s around you, or find the nearest point of interest

The “Nearby” module is powered by a database of over 25.000 points of interest, divided into categories. The map view displays no more than 200 locations for the selected area, so to see everything around you, sometimes zooming in is necessary, and the list view sorts the locations by distance from your current location.

Nearby list
Nearby map

5. Nearest gas station and current gas prices

A younger sibling to the “Nearby” module is the “Closest gas stations” module, specialized to show only gas stations and allow additional filtering options specific to that type of locations. Additional filtering includes gas types and vendors for particulary picky customers. Familiar list / map view also displays the price for the selected gas type.

Both of the modules also incorporate the ability to navigate to the selected location, as well as information specific for that type of location (working time and other useful info).

Gas stations list
Gas stations map

6. Weather backgrounds

To make the app more dynamic, the background image changes depending on the current time of day and weather conditions. We’ve cherry-picked the images so that they never clash with other visual elements, and for people who find this feature distracting, turning it off is a tap away in the application settings.

Snowy night
Sunny day

Croatia Traffic Info

Croatia Traffic Info is a light-weight version of HAK application aimed towards tourists and foreigners visiting Croatia. Functionally, it is the same application, only stripped of modules that are considered too local for foreign users and has the ability to pick from 3 languages more in addition to Croatian: English, German and Italian.

Application download


Croatia Traffic Info