Croatian Tech Companies Team Up for a Charity Sports Event

We met up with Q, Rimac Technology, and Sofascore and put our sports abilities to the test to help out a secondary school get the equipment for their computer science classroom. 

Sports, education, and doing some good for the community – it’s a combo we can hardly resist. 

Together with our friends from the Q agency, we organized a charity sports tournament Hoops & Hits for Educational Bits. The idea was to raise funds and help the vocational secondary school in Đurđevac get the equipment needed for their computer science classroom.

The initiative was carried out by the Croatian tech dream team – started by Q and Infinum and enthusiastically joined by Rimac Technology and Sofascore. The teams from all four companies met for a full-day basketball and volleyball tournament at the Borovje Elementary School in Zagreb.

While the chosen players (tech professionals by day, aspiring athletes by special occasion) proved their worth on the court, their colleagues cheered them on from the stands, enjoying crescent rolls and drinks generously provided by the Atlantic Group. 

Regardless of their roles, everyone included supported the initiative, and it was an absolute success – the funds were raised for the Đurđevac school’s VR classroom.

For years, the Đurđevac secondary school has been educating the next generation of computer engineers and web designers. The equipment they will now be able to buy will mean a lot for developing the students’ skills further. 

Attending the tournament, the school’s headmaster Darko Špoljar said: 

“As a partner school for the Center of Competences in Electrical Engineering and Computing, we managed to acquire part of the equipment we needed in the past years, but this donation will help us obtain everything we need, and we are thankful for that.”

Since the event’s main goal was achieved, it’s best not to go into sports commentary and just consider everyone winners. This of course has nothing to do with the fact that Q and Rimac killed us at volleyball. 

The participating companies have all been supporting the community through various initiatives and donations for years. However, this was the first time that we joined forces around a common goal. Next year, we hope to up our game even further by continuing the initiative and inviting more tech/sports enthusiasts to join.