Arbour Smart Homes – Sustainable Living Powered by AI

We developed a concept AI-powered IoT solution to support the future community of a revolutionary, fully sustainable residential project.

Imagine living in a beautifully architected home that is part of a fully sustainable community. Not just turn-the-lights-off-and-recycle-my-waste sustainable – we’re talking zero-waste, carbon-negative, energy-positive. 

What used to be considered a futuristic fantasy only a decade ago is now a brick-and-mortar reality, with the bricks in question all reused or built from the very soil on the construction site.

The Arbour Smart Homes is a unique residential scheme in Walthamstow, east London, launched by the property development company GS8. To support GS8’s future-forward, sustainable vision of living, we developed a concept AI-powered IoT solution that empowers Arbour residents with streamlined control over their sustainable smart homes.

Pioneering smart sustainable living

The Arbour project is comprised of ten mews properties designed by GS8 and architect Michael Lynas. The beautifully crafted homes on Orford Road are setting an international standard in planet-positive living as they are the first ones to fully employ the developer’s regenerative building framework. 

It practically goes without saying that all the Arbour homes are smart. From shutters to temperature control and lighting, the Internet of Things is the secret force behind the physical objects that enables the community to live its best sustainable life. 

However, maintaining smart home features demands constant vigilance. It only takes a small interconnectivity issue to disrupt the whole ecosystem.

GS8 wanted its residents to have a seamless sustainable experience, and we provided our expertise in leveraging technology to support the community. We drafted a solution that is a helpful extension of zero-waste living – a personalized interface powered by machine learning algorithms. 

A cutting-edge mobile solution

Working with GS8 in strategy workshops, we proposed a cutting-edge mobile solution for tenants with personalized smart routines, streamlined monitoring, and complete control over their green consumption practices.

The solution facilitates the adoption of Arbour’s green standards through three key pillars: smart sustainability, motivation, and community.

We wanted to make sure that making green decisions is simple, and the way to achieve that would be to provide the residents with clear insights. The simple and user-friendly design (inspired by the architecture and the materials used themselves!) ensures all charts and graphs are easily readable at a glance.

Since novelty tends to wear off, we aimed to remind the residents to embrace sustainability consistently. Functioning as little green nudges, the alerts on energy usage come with tips to optimize consumption and foster sustainable habits. 

This personalized approach is made possible through analyzing user behavior and consumption data. A machine learning algorithm identifies patterns in smart home activities and generates smart suggestions to provide personalized guidance. 

Users can create their own schedules, enabling device actions within smart homes. Over time, the app tailors the routines to accommodate lifestyle changes.

To inspire a collective sense of community and shared sustainability values, we extended our vision beyond mere functionality. Leveraging features like shared spaces, toolboxes, vehicles, and lifestyle guides, we wanted to inspire the residents to explore the neighborhood. 

As revolution turns into an evolution

The Arbour Smart Homes are on the way to revolutionize sustainable living. As yesterday’s vision becomes today’s reality, the revolution will undoubtedly quickly transform into an evolution. It’s safe to expect more and more similar schemes to arise around the world in the near future. 

By delivering a great user experience from the get-go, smart homes not only support the principles on which they are built but ensure better adoption and long-term sustainability.

For more details on the Arbours Smart Homes solution, read the full case study, and if our approach sparked your interest, contact us to find out how we can leverage technology to support your visionary project.