Using AI and managing technical debt in mobile development


Learn how to make the most of AI in mobile app development and practical strategies for managing technical debt in your mobile projects.

Discover the power of AI in mobile app development at the Android meetup in our Ljubljana office. Learn how to enhance your apps with this emerging technology through a live coding session, a lesson on building Flutter apps with ChatGPT, and expert advice on managing technical debt in your mobile projects.

Generative AI
in mobile development

Žiga Patačko Koderman

CTO, zerodays

Žiga Patačko Koderman is the co-founder and the CTO of the software development company zerodays. He has over 6 years of experience in frontend development and has been the project lead of diverse projects ranging from web and mobile development to developing custom machine software. Outside of work, Žiga enjoys rock climbing,  acro yoga, and hiking in the Slovenian Alps.

Žan Horvat

Frontend Developer, zerodays

Žan Horvat is a frontend developer with over 3 years of experience. He’s currently working at zerodays as a project lead while pursuing a Master’s degree in Computer Science. When he’s not leading projects to success, you can find Žan hiking, reading, or listening to podcasts.

In this lecture, Žiga and Žan will:


Give a brief introduction to generative AI


Share their experience of working with AI and LLMs in mobile development


Explain the process of porting the Vercel AI Library to React Native


Hold a live coding workshop

Strategies for managing technical debt

Mihael Kampić

Android Engineer, Infinum

Mihael is an Android engineer passionate about coding and driving educational initiatives within Infinum’s Android team, fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth. Drawing from his extensive industry background in IoT, telecommunications, banking, and more, along with his commitment to education and self-improvement, he’s ready to share the best practices and problem-solving methods in mobile development he’s learned along the way.

In this lecture, Mihael will:


Explain how to identify the root cause of technical debt


Offer practical tips on preventing technical debt


Discuss strategies for managing technical debt

Building Flutter apps with AI

Luka Knezić

Flutter Engineer, Infinum

Luka is a passionate Flutter developer with a strong foundation in Android development. He’s been on the cutting edge of Flutter since its alpha stages, bringing valuable experience to building performant and engaging mobile apps. This passion for innovation has recently led Luka to explore the world of AI, which he’s begun integrating into his Flutter projects.

In this lecture, Luka will:


Explain how to build Flutter apps with ChatGPT


Show a Flutter app that builds Flutter apps


Share insight on AI developers

You coming?