Testing in progress


Learn about quality affordance, developer-focused QA activities, migration of mobile test automation framework to a CI environment, and the importance of test cases.


Testing may appear as a dull and static set of procedures to many, but the industry’s top players understand that it is a dynamic field that continues to advance thanks to innovative new methods. Watch the lectures below.

Jan Vodopivec

Senior QA @ Celtra

Jan joined Celtra as an intern working on various test automation tasks. Nowadays, his QA work has expanded to a significant portion of their CA for a media product. He has kept his love for test automation and remains one of the driving forces behind test automation developed by Celtra’s QA. In his spare time, he plays with his dog Sparky.

Migrating mobile test automation framework to a CI environment

In this lecture, Jan will:


Cover recent Celtra’s efforts to transition their custom, mobile E2E test automation framework to a CI environment. 


Showcase how to migrate a setup that includes an iMac, 4 locally connected mobile devices, and 4000 test cases to a CI environment that expects a test execution that has a close-to-perfect success rate and a top-notch availability. 


Share Celtra’s future plans to further evolve the existing solution.

Maja Matanović

Software Tester @ Infinum

Maja started her career as a QA practitioner a year and a half ago. During that time, she wrote a lot of test cases and read a ton of articles about them. She enjoys watching TV shows, debates, contemplating ethical issues in contemporary society, and memes. “Question everything” are words she lives by, and she is delighted her job makes her do exactly that.

Delving into test cases

In this lecture, Maja will:


Examine how test cases fit into the Agile methodology.


Demonstrate the benefits of exploratory testing.


Explore the context-driven testing methodology.

Goran Šiška

Head of QA @ Adacta

Law school graduate and software developer with broad experience as a developer, team lead, and solution architect. Fifteen years of experience developing software ranging from legal, financial, insurance, and geo-information systems to cloud solutions and computer games.

From Quality Control to Quality Affordance

In this lecture, Goran will:


Provide a short overview of QA activities in the software development lifecycle at Adacta.


Explain the reasoning behind the shift of focus from quality control to quality affordance.


Present an overview of QA activities focusing on developers.