Swift UI migration & Android BLE


Find out how we prepared for transitioning to SwiftUI and the challenges and best practices that come from working with hardware that’s still in development.

Migrating from UIKit to SwiftUI

Filip Stojanovski

iOS Developer @ Infinum

Filip is an iOS Developer, known as the runner. All he does is: drink coffee, develop apps, run, eat, sleep and take care of his son.

In this lecture, Filip will:


Explain the VIPER architecture


Present existing UIKit implementations

Tamara Andonovska

iOS Developer @ Infinum

Tamara is an iOS engineer, known for being faster than Xcode’s predictions. She occasionally gets lost in the maze of nested views and modifiers, but always finds her way back with a quick peek at Stack Overflow.

In this lecture, Tamara will:


Talk about SwiftUI and its integration into existing UIKIt projects


Explain the necessary modifications of the VIPER architecture to work with SwiftUI

Developing an Android BLE App before hardware is available

Antonio Karanfiloski

Android Developer @ Moxelle

Antonio is an Android developer with 5 years of experience. He is passionate about exploring emerging technologies and incorporating them into his mobile app development projects. Based in Macedonia, when he’s not coding, Antonio enjoys trail running and competing in ultra and sky running events.

In this lecture, Antonio will:


Explain how they collaborated with distributed, multidisciplined teams


Talk how he developed for Silicon Labs microcontroller with Bluetooth Low Energy


Present challenges when developing for hardware that is neither finalized nor available