QA processes and negative testing


Learn how to make your project more efficient by applying IT Methodology in QA Processes and master Negative Testing.


Testing may appear as a dull and static set of procedures to many, but the industry’s top players understand that it is a dynamic field that continues to advance thanks to innovative new methods. Watch the lectures which took place in our Skopje office below.

Zhivorad Trajanovski

Software Tester @ Infinum

Zhivorad is constantly exploring and learning technologies, techniques, and methodologies for software testing. He has worked for globally prominent clients in retail, e-commerce, telecom, and education. Besides QA and software testing, he’s also interested in cybersecurity, AI, and machine learning.

Best practices in Negative Testing

In this lecture, Zhivorad will:


Provide a short overview of Negative Testing


Explain the differences between Positive and Negative Testing


Provide context for appropriate uses of Negative Testing and elaborate on tracking the results


Provide tips and tricks from real-life Negative Testing scenarios

Simona Nikolovska

Owner @ ExpertsQA

Simona started as a C++ developer, which provided her with the advantage of understanding the core of each application. For the past 9 years, she has worked as a Testing Architect and QA Manager, helping companies set up their QA process. As an owner of Experts QA, she has been simultaneously conducting training for new QA engineers and managing and mentoring a team of QA Lead engineers.

Methodologies in IT and QA Processes

In this lecture, Simona will:


Present a brief overview of the IT methodology history


Explain the way methodologies work, highlighting their pros and cons


Elaborate on QA Processes and their compatibility with IT Methodology