Moving from
Android to Kotlin Multiplatform


Join us for another exciting Android meetup in Ljubljana, where you can learn from seasoned Android engineers and an expert at the forefront of blockchain.

Matej Berger, the CTO and co-founder of blockchain company Kriptal, will shed light on the ethers-kt library they built and its potential for cross-platform app development using Kotlin Multiplatform. Rok Petek, an Android Engineer working on the crypto exchange app Bitstamp, will share their experience of using Kotlin Multiplatform for SDK development. From Filip Floreani, Infinum’s Android team lead, you’ll learn why passkeys are a better choice for user authentication than passwords.

Kotlin Multiplatform as an SDK

Rok Petek

Android Engineer, Bitstamp

Rok has a master’s degree in Computer Science and a decade of experience in Android app development. He’s worked in various sectors, from video streaming to fintech. Now, he’s working on the crypto exchange platform Bitstamp and is passionate about exploring the latest advancements in this field.

In this lecture, Rok will:


Explain the motivation behind the development of the SDK


Give an overview of the SDK’s architecture


Explain the process of building and publishing the SDK


Share the gotchas they encountered and how they solved them

Ethers-kt paving the road to Kotlin Multiplatform

Matej Berger

Co-founder & CTO,

Matej is the CTO and co-founder of Kriptal, a crypto-focused trading and software development company. He has extensive experience in designing low-latency systems and a deep understanding of the Ethereum ecosystem. At Kriptal, he’s leading the development of trading algorithms and internal/open-source tooling.

In this lecture, Matej will:


Give an introduction to the ethers-kt library and the reasons for its creation


Explain how it streamlines the development of web3 applications


Discuss the future of ethers-kt with Kotlin Multiplatform

Modernizing authentication with passkeys

Filip Floreani

Android Team Lead, Infinum

Filip is an Android Engineer with more than six years of experience. Throughout his career, he has contributed to over a dozen apps, ranging from startups to large corporations. He’s been leading Infinum’s Android team for the past three years. His current interests include security, complex UI systems, and IoT.

In this lecture, Filip will:


Explain what passkeys are and how they work on different platforms


Discuss why passkeys are better (or worse) than regular passwords


Give a demo of implementing passkeys on Android

You coming?