Infinum Talks: 
Micro-Frontends & Production Previewing

Infinum Talks: Micro-Frontends & Production Previewing

February 9th




Zagreb Office

Strojarska 22 / 13th floor


Learn to utilize Webpack’s module federation to build a micro-frontends architecture and preview changes to production code before shipping.

The dust has finally settled behind micro-frontends. Is the buzz-word all that remains, or do we finally have good tooling and use cases for it? Visit Infinum Talks in our Zagreb office and learn how to utilize Webpack Module Federation for multiple purposes, including previewing changes to production codebase and building a micro-frontends architecture.

Filip Voska

JavaScript Team Lead @ Infinum

With over 5 years of Frontend experience, Filip has seen it all, at least when it comes to Angular. He is an occasional speaker at various meetups and conferences and is the organizer of JavaScript Infinum Talks. At Infinum, he leads a team of developers working on a variety of projects.

Micro-Frontends Architecture with Nx and Angular

In this lecture, Filip will:


Give an overview of the MFE architecture when using an Nx monorepo


Demonstrate how it works in practice and share some tips & tricks


Advise appropriate instances when to build an MFE architecture

Klemen Kogovšek

Software Developer @ tretton37

Klemen is a JavaScript developer working on various enterprise projects mostly using React and Node. He’s passionate about great user and developer experiences.

Preview it in production

In this lecture, Klemen will:


Talk about the history of deployment for web projects


Show how bundling and webpack work, explaining webpack module federation


Use module federation to inject or swap the code in the runtime

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