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We break down the know-how of building inclusive products, featuring personal stories and expert talks on UX/UI design.

Have you ever considered the significant impact of software accessibility? It’s not just a niche concern; in fact, 1.3 billion people, or 16% of the world’s population, encounter some form of disability. To encourage you to develop a world where digital advantages are accessible to everyone, we’ve invited Tomislav Juzbašić to share his firsthand experience as a person with disabilities. Through his unique perspective and our designers’ UX/UI and regulatory know-how, we aim to guide you to build digital products that are fully adaptable to the diverse needs of everyone – truly everyone.

Intro to digital inclusivity

Ana Šekerija

Product Owner, Infinum

Meet Ana, a valued team member for six years who began her journey in QA and has now assumed the role of Product Owner. With experience spanning from Fintech to IoT, Ana has contributed to various projects, consistently emphasizing the importance of accessibility. Two years ago, she started to lead our agency’s accessibility initiatives, dedicated to crafting inclusive and user-friendly products. Ana’s commitment transcends her official responsibilities as she actively promotes awareness within our teams.

In this lecture, Ana will:


Break down digital accessibility basics


Stress the importance of accessibility for everyone


Provide a brief overview of regulations


Shed light on Infinum’s ongoing accessibility commitment

A personal journey through accessibility

Tomislav Juzbašić

Guest speaker

Tomislav has spent over 25 years supporting diverse accessibility-related domains. He co-founded “Šišmiš,” the Association of Blind and Visually Impaired Students, and played a crucial role in the early-stage accessibility tests and international youth camps at CARNET. Tomislav dedicated 11 years to The Croatian Association of the Blind, specializing in radio adjustments and localizations and supporting various assistive technologies. As part of a professional group, he actively contributed to developing the national accessibility plan for Croatia.

In this lecture, Tomislav will:


Share his personal journey and experience with accessibility of digital products


Illustrate the challenges visually impaired individuals have using digital products and tools that help them along the way


Highlight the importance and impact of the Accessibility initiative

Designing products for everyone

Ana Valjak

UX / UI Designer, Infinum

Ana is a skilled designer who shifted from creating visual identities to shaping interfaces six years ago. Although her passion for visuals persisted, the design landscape evolved. What was once static design transformed into a series of complex interactions and experiences. Her expertise includes building UI foundations, establishing comprehensive design systems, and enhancing user experiences across various mobile apps, web apps, and websites. Ana is committed to understanding and advancing inclusive product design. Teaming up with Emanuel, she actively participates in Infinum’s internal accessibility initiative, playing a vital role in raising awareness within their design team

Emanuel Loborec

UX / UI Designer, Infinum

Introducing Emanuel, a designer with a distinctive blend of engineering and design expertise. With a profound passion for technology and a comprehensive understanding of both engineering and design, Emanuel has dedicated his Infinum career to our IoT projects. Recently, he has taken the lead in championing a company-wide accessibility initiative: Emanuel has integrated accessibility into the design team’s processes, ensuring that every product is not only cutting-edge but also inclusive and user-friendly for individuals with disabilities.

In this lecture, Ana and Emanuel will:


Guide you through common accessibility challenges in digital products


Walk you through the process of designing inclusive software


Demonstrate how to incorporate those A11y challenges into the design workflow


Share useful tools and resources – including our Handbook

You coming?