Kotlin first Android development


Find out how our speakers leveraged Kotlin first tooling to supercharge their development productivity and the quality of their apps.


As Kotlin become an officially supported language for Android development, it didn’t take long for it to grow its roots and become the primary language. This switch enabled, but also required changes in our toolset. Watch the lectures below.

Ivana Grkovic

Android Developer @ Vega IT

Ivana is a part of the Vega IT mobile team and is currently working on an e-commerce application that puts testing on a huge pedestal to ensure that the app continuously performs seamlessly. When not coding you can see her playing video games, discovering new music or watching the latest TV shows.

Testing with MockK

In this lecture Ivana will:


Explain how to verify the app’s correctness and simultaneously gain continuous control over its functional behavior by using automated testing.


Focus on one of the most commonly used techniques – mocking, by using MockK.


Focus on the most important features this library has to offer when it comes to interoperability with Kotlin language.

Stjepan Banek

Android Developer @ Infinum

Stjepan is the Lead Troubadour at Infinum, always making sure that the guitar is playing, and team spirit is at its highest. Besides that, he loves Android and always pushes his limits and explores better ways to do stuff.

The benefits of having architecture

In this lecture, Stjepan will:


Show how, at Infinum, we applied the latest MVVM and DDD practices, to build apps that are more robust and maintainable.


Present several real-life examples and mistakes he’s personally made.


Present the brief overview of our architecture.

Ban Marković

Android Developer @ ProfitApp

Ban started his Android career almost 5 years ago, together with Java and Butterknife. Based in Podgorica, he is also a TopTal member. For the last couple of months, his main focus is development of Montenegro’s e-wallet called ProfitApp using Jetpack Compose. In free time, apart from regular social activities, he is really into following League of Legends professional esport scene.

Jetpack Compose under the hood

In this lecture, Ban will:


Showcase how transferring from Android View system to Jetpack Compose requires big mind shift from using imperative to declarative programming paradigm.


Dive into Jetpack Compose magic by taking a closer look into @Composable annotation and recomposition.