Exploring the impact of AI on software development


Gain insights into current AI trends in software development from industry experts with years of experience.

Wondering if the AI hype is justified? Curious about how AI can streamline processes and open up new possibilities for innovative digital products? Join us for an interactive session where we discuss the biggest trends and challenges in AI product development. Discover practical methods for customizing large language models (LLMs) to fit your specific apps and learn how machine learning techniques can revolutionize computer understanding and interaction with human language.

AI in software development beyond the hype

Mladen Rakonjac

Managing Director, Infinum

Mladen Rakonjac is the executive director of Infinum’s Montenegrin branch, with over ten years of engineering experience. He kickstarted his career as an Android engineer and intern at Tennessee Tech University in the United States. In addition to his professional achievements, Mladen was one of the initiators of the Google Developers Group Podgorica, a local community of developers in Montenegro. Even in a managerial role, Mladen finds joy in programming whenever his responsibilities and schedule allow him to do so.

In this lecture, Mladen will:


Explain three different approaches to building AI solutions and Infinum’s best practices


Discuss the AI Ambassador initiative


Share our conclusions on the usage of AI tools such as ChatGPT and Copilot

The challenge of building successful AI solutions

Stevan Šandi

Founder and CEO, BIXBIT

Stevan Šandi is the founder and CEO of BIXBIT, a company focused on digital transformation and innovation in technology. With extensive experience in software development, Stevan guides development teams in helping companies transform their products using emerging technologies. In addition to his industry leadership, Stevan is pursuing a PhD in machine learning at the University of Donja Gorica. The combination of industry and academia fuels Stevan’s ongoing inspiration for further work and improvement.

In this lecture, Stevan will:


Explain the process of developing AI products


Offer insights on the most common challenges in AI development, from data to security


Discuss how AI impacts software development practices and the broader organizational structure


Share his thoughts on whether AI will take our jobs

Adapting large language models to specific project needs

Petar Sekulić

Machine Learning Engineer, JLL Technologies

Petar Sekulić is a machine learning engineer at JLL Technologies, a global leader in real estate trading. His current focus is the “BuildingDNA” project, which aims to analyze geographic data to predict impacts on rental and sales prices of commercial spaces. Peter has a master’s degree in computer science, over six years of industry experience, and a background as a young researcher at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. During his studies, he specialized in applying machine learning algorithms in biomedical applications, focusing on detecting retinal blood vessels and mildew on grapevines.

In this lecture, Petar will:


Discuss three methods for adapting LLMs to your project needs


Explain the various types of prompt engineering and how and when they are used


Elaborate on retrieval augmented generation (RAG) and potential limits of these systems


Share insights on how to choose the right method for your application

Machine learning in natural language processing

Nikola Bulatović

Machine Learning Team Lead, Uhura Solutions

Nikola Bulatović is a machine learning engineer at Uhura Solutions, a generative AI platform that reads and understands contracts and agreements like humans do. He is currently pursuing a PhD, and his research focuses on AI methods for detecting vehicle speed from sound signals. Nikola is also a co-founder and executive director of the Montenegrin AI Association (MAIA), which unites AI researchers and engineers to advance the field through collaborative efforts, training programs, and scientific conferences.

In this lecture, Nikola will:


Explain how natural languages were processed by machines in the past and how it’s done today


Discuss the underlying concept of the machine learning model behind ChatGPT


Demonstrate practical applications of artificial intelligence language models

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