Building apps and securing APIs with AI 


Learn how to use AI tools to streamline software development and quality assurance processes from seasoned industry experts.

Keeping up with the latest trends in development is crucial to stay relevant in the market. And that includes AI. But what are the pros and cons of using AI tools to streamline software development? How can AI be used together with Swagger to automatically create tests for APIs and enrich functional tests? Find the answer to these and many more questions at the Infinum Talks in Skopje.

AI in software development beyond the hype

Mladen Rakonjac

Managing Director, Infinum

Mladen Rakonjac is the executive director of Infinum’s Montenegrin branch, with over ten years of engineering experience. He kickstarted his career as an Android engineer and intern at Tennessee Tech University in the United States. In addition to his professional achievements, Mladen was one of the initiators of the Google Developers Group Podgorica, a local community of developers in Montenegro. Even in a managerial role, Mladen finds joy in programming whenever his responsibilities and schedule allow him to do so.

In this lecture, Mladen will:


Explain three different approaches to building AI solutions and Infinum’s best practices


Discuss the AI Ambassador initiative


Share our conclusions on the usage of AI tools such as ChatGPT and Copilot

Testing and securing APIs with AI

Dragan Ilievski

Senior QA Consultant, IW Connect

Dragan Ilievski is a renowned cybersecurity professional based in Skopje. Throughout his 11-year career, he has transitioned from Java and C# Developer to QA and Automation Lead and then to DevSecOps Engineer. He’s a certified ethical hacker, passionate about supporting open-source projects, consulting businesses in their innovation journeys, and motivating students.

In this lecture, Dragan will:


Give an overview of the evolution of API-oriented apps


Discuss the outdated approach to testing apps


Introduce a shift-left approach to testing apps


Show how to generate API tests using Swagger and AI


Demonstrate how AI can be used to enrich functional tests

You coming?