Building and testing accessible digital products

Building and testing accessible digital products


We share insights into building fully accessible digital products through personal stories and expert talks on web development and quality assurance.

The accessibility of digital products is not a niche concern. By building accessibility features into the solutions we create, we support not only people with disabilities but a much wider user base. To raise awareness about the importance of building an inclusive digital world, we’ve invited Mirsada Bakić, an active member of the Association of Blind Persons of the Republic of Macedonia. Mirsada will share her personal journey and unique perspective on accessibility in digital products while our web developers and software testers will provide the know-how about building digital products accessible to everyone.

Intro to digital inclusivity

Stela Cvijanović

QA Team Lead, Infinum

Meet Stela, a seasoned QA professional with 5 years of experience in the field. She has worked on numerous apps across different business domains, including e-commerce, healthcare, finance, and travel. She has spent 2 years as a team lead, overseeing multiple projects and showcasing her leadership skills. She is one of the leaders of the Accessibility initiative in Infinum for the last 2 years, striving to create inclusive and user-friendly applications.

In this lecture, Stela will:


Break down digital accessibility basics


Explain the importance of accessibility for everyone


Provide a brief overview of the applicable regulations


Speak about Infinum’s ongoing accessibility commitment

Why accessibility matters – a personal perspective

Mirsada Bakić

Guest speaker

Mirsada is a piano teacher in a primary school for children with visual impairments and an active member of the Association of Blind Persons of the Republic of Macedonia. Born with a visual impairment herself, Mirsada completed her primary education at the same school where she now teaches and graduated from the Academy of Music Arts. Complementing her professional qualification at the Faculty of Arts, she specialized in the education and rehabilitation of people with disabilities. Mirsada is actively involved in supporting people with visual impairments and participates in organizing sports and cultural events.

In this lecture, Mirsada will:


Share her personal journey and experience with the accessibility of digital products


Speak about the challenges that visually impaired individuals have using digital products and the tools that help them along the way


Highlight the importance of continually improving and adjusting digital products to make everyday activities easier for visually impaired individuals

Prioritizing accessibility in web development

Anže Pureber

JavaScript Engineer, Infinum

Anže is a JavaScript Engineer at Infinum with experience in React and Angular. He started his career path by earning a degree in history, but after graduating from Infinum Academy, found his place in the tech industry. Anže is a valued member of Infinum’s JS team, always ready to promptly react to new challenges and roll out new features. Since last year, he has also been actively involved in the accessibility initiative.

In this lecture, Anže will:


Explore the fundamentals of web accessibility


Focus on accessibility features designed to serve individuals with visual disabilities


Reveal small steps to improve accessibility on your projects

Testing from a disability-inclusive perspective

Tihana Brnardić

Software Tester, Infinum

Tihana is a Software Tester with years of experience testing web and mobile applications. Her commitment to knowledge sharing and passion for customer support motivated her to participate in an accessibility initiative at Infinum. She believes that incorporating small efforts in building products can result in substantial improvements in app inclusivity as well as overall user-friendliness.

In this lecture, Tihana will:


Give an introduction to accessibility testing


Highlight web accessibility testing tools and assistive technologies


Show examples of testing web accessibility issues

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