Brewing Innovation – Mobile IoT and the Compose Frontier


Find out how we got IoT home appliances to act on a tap and how Jetpack Compose became our UI toolkit of choice 

From waking to a freshly brewed cup of coffee in the morning, to cooking that perfect medium rare steak, all the while keeping your electric bill in check – IoT systems make everyday tasks simpler. Find out how we connected our mobile app with IoT devices, and brought the power of convenience to our users’ fingertips. As for building UI in our Android apps? We’ve decided to switch to Compose and not look back. Learn more about this process as we share our experience, and follow up with best practices for avoiding recomposition and improving performance.

Improving Performance and Reducing Recomposition in Jetpack Compose

Andraž Pajtler

Senior Android Engineer @ Reveri Health

Andraž started his Android journey more than a decade ago on his beloved Motorola Droid running Android 2.0. Since then, he has become an active contributor to a diverse range of apps in the sports, entertainment, and health categories, exceeding 30 million downloads worldwide. He currently works as a Senior Android Engineer at Reveri Health.

In this lecture, Andraž will tell us about:


Understanding Jetpack Compose Stability


Debugging Recomposition


Common performance mistakes and tools that help avoid them

Opening the door to IoT on mobile

Karlo Čeh

Android Engineer @ Infinum

An Android engineer with a strong computer science background. His day job consists of turning coffee into code, so it is only appropriate that he dedicated most of his career at Infinum to a coffee-related IoT project. Besides brewing coffee with his phone, he has also been involved in the development of an IoT SDK, which is used by multiple mobile apps.

In this lecture, Karlo will tell us about:


The value of IoT for clients and consumers


The process of connecting an IoT device to mobile apps


The features and rich UX that this enables

My shift from XML to Compose only

Mark Frelih

Android Engineer @ Infinum

With three years of professional experience in Android development, and degrees from Infinum Academy in Android, iOS and Flutter courses, Mark is a fully rounded mobile developer. An avid sports enthusiast, he tries a new one every couple of months, most recently Squash and Muay Thai, so better watch out. 

In this lecture, Mark will tell us about:


Why his team chose to go with Compose only


How they adapted our architecture to support it


Differences in navigation from the old Android UI toolkit


Pros and cons of using Compose