Ruby on Rails Engineer (contractor)

Ruby on Rails Engineer (contractor)



An experienced Ruby on Rails engineer who will collaborate with our highly skilled team in developing various solutions for a world-renowned client.

Infinum’s Rails team is composed of around 13 engineers. Our primary technology is Ruby on Rails, and our database of choice is PostgreSQL. We write our projects using the DDD methodology, and are proud of our excellent test coverage across projects.

We mostly build APIs, admin dashboards, and integrations with third-party services – without us, clients aren’t served, and emails aren’t sent. Since we are big believers in keeping API documentation up-to-date with the actual implementation, we generate ours from tests. 

Position specifics

This is a project-based position for an international insurance company. 

You’ll be collaborating with an established engineering department that supports a mature Rails monolith with tens of supporting auxiliary services. Your day-to-day duties will revolve around supporting insurance pricing changes in various global markets. The work is very impactful but requires a safe and steady engineering approach.

You’ll encounter complex issues spanning multiple services as part of your weekly bug duty, so some experience with debugging complex systems is required.

The codebase has evolved and grown over time, so there are plenty of opportunities to showcase your talent and incrementally improve it.

This is a full-time position (40 hours per week), and we expect you to be available for meetings and calls between 9:00-17:00 in the CET timezone (upon prior confirmation).


Qualifications & Experience

  • at least 4 years of experience with Ruby on Rails
  • background in software development and/or computer science
  • experience working with large applications in production
  • comfortable taking ownership of various aspects of a project and being in charge of ensuring everything is delivered on time
  • affinity for keeping up with general software development news
  • deep understanding of object-oriented programming and design patterns
  • experience with writing tests
  • experience working with both local and international clients
  • excellent knowledge of written and spoken English
  • experience with JavaScript frontend frameworks is a nice-to-have
  • a drive to make your code better every day


Your responsibilities

  • planning, developing, deploying, maintaining, and documenting various software solutions
  • regular dependency upgrades and security patches for CVEs
  • defining tasks and providing time estimates
  • writing clean, maintainable code and tests (unit/integration/end-to-end)
  • rolling out new features, and analyzing (and reacting to) the results you learn about from our QA Engineers and user feedback
  • collaborating with clients, project teams, and technical teams
  • presenting your solutions to clients and/or a group of colleagues
  • proactively communicating with other team members and project stakeholders
  • using agile methodologies in development

The selection process

we use


All of our work is on GitHub. Everything goes through pull requests and code reviews.

GitHub Actions

We use GitHub Actions to automate our CI/CD pipeline, ensuring that our code gets from development to production with minimal fuss.

New Relic

New Relic is our go-to solution for monitoring the performance of our apps so we can make sure there are no bottlenecks that stop everything from running smoothly.


On some projects we add Docker to our toolkit to bundle up our apps and dependencies, making deployment a breeze.


Our go to cloud-computing platform which we use for hosting our apps, working with databases, storing files and other features.


Sidekiq is our behind-the-scenes hero, handling all those background tasks and making sure our apps stay lightning-fast.


The standard is our preferred solution for server-client data exchange. We’ve built multiple gems that simplify data extraction, serialization, etc.


We rely on bugsnag for capturing errors on our applications. When a problem occurs in our code, Bugsnag automatically creates an event and notifies the whole development team.


A Ruby static code analyzer and formatter, created by the community to make clean code, by following the best practices used by Ruby developers.


Tests are an important part of our projects, and we use the RSpec testing framework for Ruby and as well for Rails. It is the most frequently used testing library for Ruby in production applications.


Our in-house developed Rails gem for automatically generating API documentation from Rspec tests.


We’ve built an application that observes the health of every active project and notifies us about new CVEs. We frequently update our dependencies and like to keep our apps and infrastructure up-to-date.


Most of our projects are managed using Productive, in-house software which substitutes Jira, Asana, Trello and other issue tracking products.


​Whether remote or in the office, Slack enables us to exchange information, discuss code, make decisions quickly and stay on top of things.


Through the years we’ve built a vast repository of knowledge related to ruby, rails and backend in general. It also serves as our guide and shows how we make our applications.

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