React Engineer (Mexico, contractor position)

React Engineer (Mexico, contractor position)


A React Engineer taking on a complex project and building new features for our US-based client.

Infinum’s team has around 30 members who work on various challenging projects, usually in collaboration with designers, backend developers, QA engineers, and project managers. We’re well-versed in all things Web. The browser is our main platform, but some projects will carry us off to servers or mobile devices as well. Our specialties are React and Angular, while some of us work in other technologies, too. 

Always interested in learning new things, we hold weekly lectures and workshops, and we regularly contribute to open source.

Position specifics

This is a project-based position within the financial services industry.

The work will be executed in the US time zone (East Coast), with some flexibility.


Qualifications & Experience

  • 4+ years of experience as a frontend or full-stack developer
  • 3+ years of experience in React
  • ability to handle new projects as well as improve existing ones
  • a good understanding of the web and browsers
  • excellent command of English
  • experience with hands-on, cross-functional product teams and short feedback loops is a big plus
  • previous experience within the financial sector is a plus

As a developer, you should be experienced with

  • React (preferably React Hooks)
  • CSS—css-in-js (Emotion, styled-components, or similar) or good old (S)CSS
  • any kind of state management (MobX, Redux, React state)
  • TypeScript
  • terminal (git, npm, yarn, etc.)

You’ll get an extra edge if you’ve worked with

  • SWR
  • Jest
  • Chakra UI
  • Electron


Your responsibilities

  • delivering features in close collaboration with backend developers
  • defining tasks and providing time estimates
  • writing clean, maintainable code and testing it
  • presenting your solutions in front of clients and/or a group of colleagues
  • rolling out new features and analyzing (and reacting to) the results you learn about from our QA engineers and user feedback
  • proactively communicating with other team members and project stakeholders
  • collaborating with a cross-functional team

The selection process

we use


We choose Next.js as a React framework for our applications.

Chakra UI

Chakra UI allows us to make accessible and attractive apps effectively.


Ever since we introduced Jest, testing has gotten easier, and now we try our best to use it wherever it makes sense.

GitHub Actions

We use GitHub Actions to build, test, and deploy our client code.


All of our work is on Github. Everything goes through pull requests and code reviews with your future team members.


Working with other people is so much easier with a mature style guide. We use ESLint to help us enforce a consistent code style


A tool in our tool belt that helps us save time both on formatting discussions and actual formatting.


We use Productive for time tracking, budgeting, and project management. It helps us have all the information in one place.


Frontend handbook is our go-to place for an assorted collection of practices used within the team and company.


We use Slack for work and fun. It’s our go-to tool for maintaining sanity both in the office and remotely.

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