Removing bureaucracy from the leasing process


Transforming the bureaucracy-heavy leasing process into a 5-minute digital experience.




Countless steps to a lease approval

NLB Lease&Go is a part of the NLB Group, the largest Slovenian international financial group. They provide financing and leasing services for vehicles, vessels, construction machines, IT equipment, and other assets. The leasing process used to be bureaucracy-heavy, inefficient and demanded physical presence.

The leasing process goes digital

Together with NLB Lease&Go, we embarked on a mission to redesign the entire leasing process, from the initial application to the approval and signing of the contract. We envisioned and built a digital platform for dealers and intermediaries. Moving away from a ton of paperwork in favor of a completely digitalized platform reduced the leasing process from days to hours.

Untangling complexity

The finance and banking industry is inherently complex. Having worked on a number of financial products, we knew tackling this issue would require alignment across the board.

The team at NLB Lease&Go had a list of requirements and we elaborated on all of them in the discovery process. Working closely with the client’s board, stakeholders, and heads of departments, we validated delivery every step of the way, eliminating complexity and minimizing risk.

Integrating the Lease&Go Application transformed our sales process. Replacing the previously complex, cumbersome, and often manual process not only streamlined operations for our cooperation partners and staff but also elevated the experience for our customers, resulting in noticeable sales growth. The dedicated support from the development team was the cherry on top.


Increasing efficiency

To really understand the issue at hand, we visited and interviewed the employees who sell leasing products on-site. Gathering insights and mapping pain points allowed us to dive deep into the process and suggest meaningful improvements for all parties involved.

Green light
for car dealers

With a new digital platform, the leasing process becomes straightforward. As soon as the dealer creates a quote for a customer, it becomes visible to NLB Lease&Go through the platform. After the offer has been positively reviewed by the customer, dealers can proceed with the contract approval and signing process in a matter of minutes.

Back office takes the front stage

Although Lease&Go is a back office product, we know simple and intuitive UX goes a long way. Tired of the vintage excel-like spreadsheet look, the client wanted to replace it with a comfortable, uncluttered layout focused on performance.

OCR document scanning

To speed up the application process, we integrated an OCR scanner that converts typed and printed documents like ID cards into computer-encoded data.

Lease eligibility system

The pre-contract goes through an approval process to be deemed approved, rejected, or requiring adjustments. Car dealers can view the status directly from the dashboard.

If their leasing request is approved, a customer can sign the contract digitally using a tablet on-site, via e-mail, or go analog and provide a written signature.

Convenient insurance coverage

Clients seeking insurance coverage throughout the leasing process can acquire it via the app at various stages – during the creation of an informational offer, while applying for a contract, or upon contract signing.


The platform’s launch and reception were an immediate success, with more than 90% of NLB Lease&Go’s business with private individuals now running through it. The team is now working on reaching new markets and introducing even better and more complex functionalities.

1000 contracts signed in the first five months after launch1000
contracts with private individuals are now signed via app90%

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