Digital tools that make driving exams efficient, transparent, and paperless


We replaced miles of paperwork with a digital platform for evaluating driving performance.





The authority for evaluating new drivers

An estimated 1,4 billion drivers ride around the globe, and most had to pass a driving exam to qualify for a license.

It’s an exciting experience for most drivers-to-be, but the process is paved with heaps of paperwork and involves several trips down bureaucracy lane – both for the examiners and the candidates.

More than 110k driving exams take place in Croatia each year. That makes for a lot of manual note-taking and written evaluations for the Croatian Automobile Club examiners.

Switching gears

During a typical driving exam, the examiner has to go through a substantial amount of paper forms and checkboxes to evaluate the candidate’s skills, all the while watching the road, signs, traffic, and the candidate’s behavior.

By creating an intuitive tablet app, we did away with the paperwork and enabled examiners to keep the focus where it should be, on the driver.

Designing around user needs

Having gathered all the requirements, we began crafting a sleek and easy-to-understand user experience.

After observing numerous driving exams and talking to examiners, we were able to translate the entire experience into a product that’s built around their needs.


A more transparent exam process

Driving routes are a gold mine of data and are used to ensure a more fair exam system. We used the tablet sensors, accelerometer, GPS, and compass to make the driving route instantly visible at the end of each exam. All mistakes are logged and pinpointed at the exact location where they have occurred.

In-vehicle camera integration

Examiners use a wide-angle camera that’s attached to the front windscreen. It films the evaluation process and automatically syncs with the tablet app and the Croatian Automobile Club’s systems.

An easily accessible video recording of every exam quickly clears potential doubts, helps train new examiners, and standardizes the evaluation process.

Speedy complaint resolution

If the need arises, candidates can file a complaint on the outcome of the exam. Within 60 minutes, they get an official answer from the examiner. Everything is transparent – the reason for approval or rejection, as well as the next steps for the candidate.

Integration with official systems

Croatian Ministry of the Interior is notified immediately after a candidate has passed the driving exam. With all systems synced, the license issuing process is streamlined.

Their dedication to perfecting the user experience sets them apart from other vendors I’ve worked with in the past.



Making roads safer for everyone

Together with our client, we’ve built a product that has achieved great results across the board. The examiners quickly adopted the solution, stating they can now dedicate more time to the driver and less to documentation. Together with the Croatian Automobile Club, we’ve jump-started digitalization in the government sector.

Exams per year250k
Hours saved per year13k
Time saved per exam3 min

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