Scaling operations for Porsche Digital’s new R&D center

Scaling operations for Porsche Digital’s new R&D center

Porsche Digital, the digital innovation branch of Porsche, decided to open an R&D center in the booming Croatian IT market to tap into the local talent pool, foster innovation, and enhance its global presence.

Entering a new market usually means establishing a new business from scratch or acquiring an existing company. While starting from scratch is more time-consuming and risky, acquisitions may bring along resources not aligned with strategic goals, resulting in added costs and organizational clutter.

Porsche Digital recognized Infinum as a catalyst for their Southeast Europe operations, a strategic partner well-versed in the intricacies of the local market and regulations.

Building Porsche Digital Croatia from 0 to 100 km/h

Entering a joint venture with Infinum enabled Porsche Digital to grow the business through a collaboration tailored completely to drive their goals.


Industry experience and expertise


Established network and reputation


Access to the local talent pool


Agility and speed in achieving goals


Compliance with local legislature


Company culture and process handover

Porsche Digital was able to streamline operations at an unprecedented rate thanks to Infinum’s established expertise and market position.

High-performance core team

With an established regional presence and experience in setting up companies, including the successful B2B SaaS Productive, Infinum had a strategy in place to set Porsche Digital Croatia up for success.

After recruiting the company’s core team, consisting of top performers at Infinum, we expanded the team by capitalizing on the reputation built over 18 years and winning seven consecutive Best Employer awards.

Exceeding expectations from day one

Porsche Digital Croatia’s rapid journey to success and growth is impressive. In its second year, the company had already achieved full operational independence. Having mastered Infinum’s processes and recruitment practices, the company began hiring engineering, design, data science, and artificial intelligence talent independently. The success of the hiring efforts resulted in moving to a bigger office the following year.


Porsche Digital Croatia founded


Core team established


Best Employer award


10 teams mark


Moved to a bigger office


Best Employer award 2nd time


100 employees mark


Best Employer award 3rd time

Don’t take our word for it – the results show the joint venture is a success story.

Team members in Croatia141
Product teams in Croatia14
Team members globally640
Offices globally11


Over the course of three years, Porsche Digital Croatia managed to scale new digital business models and improve the quality of products within Porsche. Here are a few examples.


One-stop-shop for all data streaming needs within Porsche.

My Porsche App

The mobile touchpoint that improves the experience of owning and driving a Porsche.

Porsche Drive

Online platform for short & long-term rental of Porsche vehicles.

Porsche Digital Croatia shifts gears with three Best Employer recognitions so far

Building cutting-edge solutions to be used by Porsche customers around the world, the team at Porsche Digital Croatia works hand in hand with skilled professionals from 11 offices globally.

On top of building advanced technology, the team at Porsche Digital Croatia continues to foster a winning company culture, joining Infinum as the recipient of the Best Employer award already in its first year.


Enter a new market with confidence