Last modified on Mon 15 Apr 2024

Providing a frictionless app experience demands thorough testing. While manual testing is essential, it can be time-consuming. Test automation emerges as a solution, allowing pre-written scripts to conduct tests faster. But identifying the correct elements within an app can become a hurdle. A hidden obstacle arises - how do these scripts locate the specific elements they need to interact with within the app? This section dives into how element IDs bridge this gap, streamlining the test automation process and ensuring a smoother path to a polished app.

While this section focuses on how developers can strategically add unique IDs to UI components during development, you can find out more on how our QA team leverages these IDs to craft robust and efficient automated tests by checking out the related test automation articles in the QA Handbook.

By establishing a clear way-of-work for incorporating element IDs, we can streamline the test automation process, ultimately paving the way for a polished app and exceptional user experience.