Designing a car-sharing experience of the future


We envisioned an end-to-end car sharing solution for communities, corporate fleets, and rental companies.




The concept of mobility is evolving

Technology is reshaping the urban environment, and the shift to alternative modes of transport follows suit. An increasing number of people resort to public transportation, ride-sharing, and similar services to meet their daily commute needs.

Major cities see car ownership stats decrease, and for a good reason. Maintenance, insurance, and parking costs are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to owning a personal vehicle. For many, car ownership isn’t as high on the priority list as it used to be.

The car-sharing market is dispersed. In urban ares, choices and services are abundant but the user experience leaves room for improvement. That’s why we created a concept that combines all car-sharing options in one intuitive interface.

We believe there could be a simpler way to book a car.

A digital marketplace where users are front and center, combining all available car-sharing options.

All cars on deck

The app is envisioned to support sharing privately-owned vehicles. Users can retrofit their cars with smart tech and make a buck by offering them within the app.

Nearby rentals would appear with distinct branding and pricing options. If a user is working for a company with pool cars, it will automatically populate in the menu to quickly access information about available vehicles.


Is there a way to create a better car-sharing experience for everyone? Combining all the available options into a single app is a great start.


Point A to point B

The car-sharing market has been on the rise for a while in major urban areas. Many people, particularly millennials, turn to car sharing on a regular basis. Such on-demand services befit a modern digital lifestyle and offer flexibility and convenience.

During our research, we discovered peoples’ biggest concerns about shared vehicles are location, price and type.

Vehicle location & availability

We’ve made it simple to check what’s currently available in the neighborhood. Users can browse nearby vehicles on a map and check their availability with an intuitive date and time picker.

Searching for a specific type of vehicle is simple – with the filter option, you’re one step away from that trip to IKEA you were planning to make today.

Car overview & cost calculation

A detailed car overview and cost calculation empower the user to choose their ideal vehicle.

After the confirmation, the app provides turn-by-turn walking directions to the car.

When approaching the vehicle, users are prompted to review and document any visible damage.


No need for a physical key. Unlock the vehicle directly from the app.


The car integrates tightly with the user’s mobile device. The app displays relevant information, depending on whether the user is looking for a car, approaching one, or actively driving.

Battery usage, mileage and trip costs are saved for each trip. This way, users can easily review their booking history, compare trips, and adjust their driving habits accordingly.

This kind of car sharing experience results in less friction and a seamless experience for everyone.

For individuals, it’s a great way to keep the costs down. For companies and rentals, it unlocks higher fleet utilization.

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