Code style
Last modified on Wed 22 Jul 2020

The Infinum Backend Team writes code following the community guidelines:

Please read them.

We use a Ruby style-checking analyzer called Rubocop to preserve syntax consistency in our applications. It's packaged as a Ruby gem and comes with a CLI to check style consistency. We run the checks through an Overcommit hook on almost all our projects (if it's missing on a legacy project, check with your colleagues whether it makes sense to install it).

We also use it as a plugin in our editors to get real time in-editor warnings just as we're writing code. Whether you're using Vim, Atom or Sublime, please check that it's properly installed after you run our installation scripts.

Rubocop is highly configurable, and we deviate only slightly from the suggested guidelines. Our configuration can be found here. Each project must have its own copy of rubocop.yml where project specific configuration can be added.

Some exceptions from our config file:

  developers = %w(Lucas John Tommy)

instead of

  developers = ['Lucas', 'John', 'Tommy']

We find it OK to write string arrays the second way for two reasons:

  developers = %w(Lucas John Tommy Herman\ Zvonimir)