Porsche Digital

Let’s get this show on the road.

Innovation through
digital engineering

Infinum and Porsche Digital join forces to become a digital innovation hub for high-tech solutions in the automotive sector.

Domains of expertise

Our talented teams are passionate about software development, data science, and design. Using our collective craftsmanship, we lead the way to tech-powered innovations.

Software Engineering
We’re using the latest technologies and tools to build advanced solutions for consumers and the industry.
User Experience Design
Working hand in hand with engineers, our UX group crafts innovative digital experiences for mobile and web.
Data Science &
Artificial Intelligence
Collecting, analyzing, and building data algorithms that make products and services smarter and self-sufficient.

Areas of work

Porsche Digital Croatia’s main mission is to find & scale new digital business models and optimize existing products.

Digital products and services
Create digital platforms and services in the fields of e-commerce, finance, customer experience and more.
Advanced industry solutions
Build high-tech business solutions that optimize corporate processes and improve efficiency.
Digital ecosystem expansion
Be the catalyst that accelerates ideation, testing and building new tech business areas for Porsche.

Come along for the ride

If you’re driven by innovation and wish to tinker under the hood of the automotive industry, join a team of digital experts shaping the future of digital services at our Zagreb office.

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