Got Your Nose

A science-backed method to determine which parent bears
more resemblance to their child!

Are you tired of hearing your
child looks nothing like you?

No voodoo,
only science.

Results are calculated from machine learning algorithms based on those used to confirm identity at airport security.

The app detects the face, mouth, and eyes. Another machine learning model calculates the features of each of those components.

Finally, the features from different persons are compared using mathematical methods, resulting in similarity between two persons.

resemblance app?

Having conducted detailed market research, we discovered that the only commercially available resemblance-determining apps showed 100% random percentages in their “calculations”.

Upload the same set of photos two times in a row and you’d get entirely different results. Isn’t that ridiculous?

Not happy with the results?

You can try using a different image for comparison purposes. However, because the algorithm uses a neural network to measure facial features, chances are you’ll get similar results.

Deal with it. Maybe they’ll morph into you as they get older.

Your photos are not stored!

Got Your Nose app does not store the images you upload or take in-app anywhere, in any way.

Once the calculations are done and you get the results, the photos vanish into oblivion. Your family’s privacy is the number one priority.

Face the truth