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Stjepan H.
  — 5 min read

Hiding Secrets in a Vault

Every application needs configuration data like database passwords, AWS access keys, and social app IDs before it can run. What's the easiest way to do it? Hardcode those values, push them to Git and everyone who has a copy of the source code...
Stjepan H.
  — 6 min read

A Gem for Every Occasion: 11 Great Rails Libraries We Use on Every Project

As you work with your favorite programming language, you often look for tools to make your job easier. In the Ruby world, these tools (gems) are...
Stjepan H.
  — 4 min read

Progress Bar in Rails

Ever needed a progress bar for some long-running task in your Rails application? You searched Google and couldn't find anything that easily...
Stjepan H.
  — 3 min read

How to Get Your Website to Comply with the EU Cookie Law?

In May 2011, the Information Commissioner's Office first announced that websites have to explicitly seek consent for cookies (cookies are text...
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