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Emanuel M.
  — 8 min read

Earning User Trust in Digital Payment Solutions

The fintech market, which still lacks a clear definition even within the industry, has hit major numbers in 2019–over 3,5 billion users have around 4,8 trillion euros to spend across approximately 13,000 technology-powered financial companies.
Emanuel M.
  — 10 min read

A Great Design Portfolio Is an Ace up Your Sleeve

Having gone through dozens of portfolios and participated in multiple candidate selections in the last couple of years prompted me to share the...
Emanuel M.
  — 5 min read

Keep It Clean: Project Folder Organization Template

Designers like to work in a creative mess and that’s totally fine when you work as a one-man band (“badum tish”). If we add a client, a developer,...
Emanuel M.
  — 7 min read

Design More, Sketch Less with Plugins

From time to time I get a question from my teammates: “Hey Emanuel, is there a Sketch plugin for...?” My answer is usually yes, Sketch’s got a...
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