Infinum Doors Open in Our Zagreb Office Students Invited


We would like to remind the students that all the hard work they put in, blood, sweat and tears during their college days are not in vain, not at all.

Besides the official recognition in the form of graduation ceremony, there are many great things waiting for them, just behind closed doors.

We are opening our gates to let current students (but prospective) employees, embrace the world of what we call the best of the best in the business of software development.

This event is for students that have an interest in mobile application design and development for iPhone, iPad or Android using Objective-C, Java, Ruby on Rails, HTML5. For anyone who sees itself in this line of business after the college days are over, this is the ideal chance to see what their working environment and a day in the office will look like.

Infinum – Doors Open Day, will take place on May 7th, in our Zagreb office in Andrije Žaje St. 10.

Doors Open Infinum

What’s the idea behind Doors Open?

The basic idea is to inform students on how the mobile and web development works, and open a new window for them to explore the opportunity to work in this business once they graduate, and also see what awaits them if they join our team.

I bet everyone who uses a smartphone and mobile apps on a daily basis wonders how they get built. Every student will have a chance to talk to our developers, designers and find out everything they want to know.

This is the first time we have this kind of event at Infinum, and we plan to make it a regular.

A day is organised in 3 groups. Each group will consist of 20 students. We will show the students a brief presentation about Infinum, what we do every day and how do we do it. They will probably even see some stuff that’s not released yet, as well as our our greatest hits.

Applications for the event are available on our website, in Croatian.

We will provide snacks, beverages and Rakia! We will not provide excuse notes for ditching the classes!

See you around!