Testing - Design Refinement
Last modified on Fri 22 Jul 2022

Design is not just what it looks and feels like. Design is how it works.

The right way for preventing errors in the app and making sure that everything works smoothly is by testing the design while the app is still in the making. This way we can detect problem areas and flows of the app before the final design is done and make changes accordingly.

This means that we check the design part while it's still in the wireframe stage, where screens have the functional elements and their placement in the app. So basically one step before all the fancy visuals that we see in the final result.

For that we need a prototype (which is usually done in Figma or Invision). It’s a clickable mock prototype of the app made by designers lacking the animations, hover states, moving components...

So you have the prototype and you're ready to test. What next?

Here is a checklist that will help you! It can also be used for the finished design if needed.

QA checklist example

APP NAME: My Telecom

TYPE: Telecom app

SHORT INTRO: With My Telecom you can quickly and easily manage your account. We have many cool features that can help you to track your consumption, buy data options or share MB with friends and family if you have some extra. It is available to all of our customers, no matter which service you use (prepaid, private subscribers, Internet users, etc.)

INFINUM SIDE: Frontend, design, QA

TARGET GROUP: Users of My Telecom (prepaid, postpaid, business) aged 15 to 99




MAIN ACTIONS IN THE APP: Balance and overview of the activated options Bill top up / Bill payment Activating extra options and packages Review of requests


1. Initial app exploration - Overview of the app, general impression of the information clarity and flows

2. (Optional) Adding new feature - comparison with the existing app

3. Detailed testing:

4. UI element consistency (only some things can be checked on wireframes, others are only for finished design)

5. List of all screens - check if there are any missing screens

6. Platform consistency