Checking implementation
Last modified on Thu 28 Apr 2022

Design reviews

The beginning of the development marks the beginning of the design reviews. Review design early and review it often. A good rhythm is doing it weekly. A good day for that is Thursday. Book a Thursday in the calendar.

Sit down with the developer, open the design project, and write down the corrections in the comments while explaining the developer the reasons for corrections (so the developer can learn how to understand the design better and be able to catch all nuances of the design). Follow up on the implementation of the corrections in the next design review. If the project is not available on Zeplin, open a Design review task on Productive (open a lot of small tasks - it is easier to follow corrections). If stuff gets complicated, attach screenshots with marked corrections and comments to the Productive task.

Sometime the design reviews may be frustrating because of the slow implementation of the past reviews, but it is crucial to keep on. Remember, there might be higher priority issues, and in the end, it’s all about collaboration.

Afterwards, create a follow-up design review entry at 🔒 and write down a few notes.

The best way to do it is to:

Latest build

If you're reviewing a mobile app, check Tryout apps for the latest builds on iOS and Android.

Test devices

We currently have two test phones dedicated to our team - one iOS and one Android device. The QA team has a bunch more test devices, so it's always best to check with them first. Don't forget to leave your business card in place of the phone when you borrow it!

We're working a lot more remotely, so you'll need to check implementation from time to time even if you don't have physical devices on hand. That's where BrowserStack comes in - its an emulator of a lot of different platforms, desktop and mobile devices where you can load app files to test them out. The credentials are in 1Password.