Vim is a ~~cleaning product~~ (primarily) terminal-based modal text editor first released in 1991. Despite its old age, it is still one of the most popular text editors for editing source code thanks to its text editing power and flexibility.

Setting up Vim

You can read more about setting up Vim in our Dotfiles wiki.

Learning Vim

Interactive tutorials * Vimtutor
A built-in interactive tutorial covering all of Vim's features. You can access vimtutor by typing vimtutor into your terminal emulator.

Books * Practical Vim, by Drew Neil
Probably the best book on Vim around. An excellent resource for both beginner and intermediate users.

Screencasts * Vim video series, by Derek Wyatt
An excellent in-depth video series covering both beginner, intermediate, and advanced topics. There are also some videos showcasing Vim's features and explaining what makes it so powerful.

Articles * Vim Galore, by mhinz An extensive article hosted on GitHub covering all the Vim basics and terminology.



Plugins * Vim Awesome * Vim Scripts * Google

Colorschemes * Vim Colors

Cheat sheets * Interactive cheat sheet

Talks * Write code faster: Expert-level Vim, by Ben Orenstein
* Let Vim do the Typing, by George Brocklehurst
Covers registers, built-in text completion and omni-complete.

Miscellaneous articles * Effective TDD with Ruby: Tmux Setup, by Luca Guidi Talks about using Tmux and Vim to improve your TDD flow * Why Vim, by LegionSB
A reddit post about the everlasting topic of why to use Vim. A pretty funny, kinda correct and in-depth post, definitely worth reading.