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Last modified on Thu 24 Jun 2021

If an end user perceives bad performance from your website, her next click will likely be on

This document is a short intro on performance testing and using k6 and JMeter, two performance testing tools.

Performance testing 101

In a nutshell, performance testing is checking the stability & responsiveness of a system under a certain workload. Every system has its limits, performance testing is used to find those limits.

Performance and user experience are tightly correlated. The two big factors you wish to analyze are stability (does the system work under load?) and responsiveness (is the system quick enough under load).

Rule of thumb for responsiveness

These highly depend on the context, but in general:

See this interesting article on UX and time scales.


Other important metrics


Since performance testing can be done in a variety of ways, it is crucial to:

When to test

Again, this depends on the context of the project, but here are some potential triggers:

Where to test

Most of the time:

Use the expertise of our DevOps team to get a test environment up and running.

What to test

How to test

There is no silver bullet. Experimentation and project context will get you on the right path.

Some important parameters that you will need to decide upon are:

Installing k6


You can do one of three things:

Sample test

import http from 'k6/http';
import { checkย } from 'k6';

export let options = {
    vus: 50,
    duration: '60s'

export default function() {
    let url = `https://myurl`;
    let response = http.get(url);

    check(response, {
        'Status was 200': r => r.status == 200,
        'Transaction time was below 1000ms': r => r.timings.duration < 1000

Converting your HAR file to a k6 script


Running a load test with your k6 script

Useful docs


JMeter is Apache's load testing tool that is sometimes perceived as the industry standard.

Installation & running


JMeter works with components. This is a very broad overview:

Find more info on the above in Apache's Introduction docs.

Building a simple test plan


Running a simple test plan