Last modified on Wed 12 May 2021

Team Leads

As you've become a member of the team, you got a Team Lead assigned to help you grow throughout your career at Infinum.

Reach out to them about any information or issues you have regarding work, uncertainties in the design processes, or your career growth.

The usual activities you will have with your team leader are:

Here are some good pick up lines for your team lead:

It doesn't mean that asking anyone else in the team is off-limits. Everyone will be happy to help!

Design coordination

Occasionally, you will work on a project where a design coordinator is assigned to keep track of design progress within budget, deadlines and client's expectations. Most of the time, these are short term projects with a limited time frame, weird processes, or tight budget.

A design coordinator is there to help you and make things normal if stuff gets complicated on the project. They are also there to help if you need a second opinion, critique eye, or pair of extra hands on your project.

Check the 🗝 Design coordination sheet to see the most recent updates and project states.

Tech reviews

Every couple of weeks, you will get a calendar invitation from Damjan Vujaklija (Product Director) regarding projects you are working at the moment.

Damjan has got a sixth sense for UX troubles, and he will help you get rid of them early in the design process... or later, but better late than never.

He will make sure the design, or implemented design, is up to mobile and web standards we care about at Infinum. It will also help you develop a good sense of UX patterns and rules across different platforms.

Make sure you improve your flows and design before the next session with Damjan.