Meetings & events
Last modified on Tue 29 Sep 2020

Recurring meetings


Weeklies are about planning and the workload and are scheduled in your calendar (every Monday at 10:45 AM). If you are working remotely, join via Zoom. In case you're working full time on an ongoing project without hopping onto other duties, or have a fixed schedule for a longer time, feel free to skip this meeting.


Every Wednesday at 3 PM we do a one-hour design critique called Sunbathing. A couple of designers present a problem or example of good practice while other team members make improvement suggestions or share their experiences.

Check the Getting back on track chapter for ways to give meaningful feedback and critiquing here.



Format: 20 min. presentation + 10 min. discussion. Prepare an accompanying presentation so we can all refer back to the lecture. A good time slot for lectures is in the afternoon, around 4 PM. Make sure to record your lecture (double-check if you're recording both video and audio).

If you have something you'd like to talk about, go ahead and ping your Team Lead, prepare a lecture and share your discoveries with the team.

Oh, and bring booze. 🍻

🗝 Google Drive: Internal Lectures + Worldwide Lectures


Format: 30 min. presentation + 60 min. groupwork. Prepare an accompanying presentation so we can all refer back to the lecture. A good time slot for lectures is in the afternoon, around 4 PM.

Divide the presentation in 2 parts: theory and tasks. There should always be a tangible outcome of the workshop (even a simple task will do, though) and the results of the workshop should be saved (or photographed) in the presentation folder. Make sure to record your workshop (double-check if you're recording both video and audio!).

No booze. Spillage danger. 📔 ✏️

🗝 Google Drive: Internal Workshops

Design Talks

Once in a while, we organize Design Talks where we hold brief presentations on topics we're passionate about, for example:

Once we have a good foundation about a topic, we have a moderated discussion about it. A rule of thumb is about two talks per event, so we don't go over an hour. Attendance is not mandatory. We record all talks and upload them on 🗝 Drive: Internal Lectures if you miss it and would still like to check out later.

More on our Design Talks can be found in 🗝 this Paper doc.

Off the Grid

Every couple of months, the design team gathers on a Saturday to work on a specific design skill that isn't related to our day job. It's a safe zone for analogue design experiments. We usually kick off the workshop around 10 AM until 3 PM, but everyone can drop in at any time. Time spent on this workshop is voluntary, so attendance isn't mandatory. Infinum provides breakfast, snacks, drinks, and lunch.

So far we turned each-others worst fears into movie posters, worked on our illustrations with critique sessions from teammates, and kicked off some cool stuff for Design Islands. If you have an idea for a workshop, let your TL know and let's start planning!