Stock photo licences
Last modified on Mon 19 Oct 2020

Using Shutterstock for client work

When you are creating a design layout with placeholders photos, please use free example images with watermarks, or any of the publicly available photos from Unsplash, Pexels, or similar services.

When using stock photos that require licences, please use the free watermark versions when you are:

Download or buy full-res photos when:

You are not allowed to buy photos via Infinum account even if you will undoubtedly use these photos in client apps or websites. If those selected Shutterstock photos are final and we need to obtain licenses, follow this guide:

  1. Clients need to approve the photo (or photos) they want to use in the layout.
  2. We need to check what license do we need for this specific purpose (web, mobile, marketing, etc.)
  3. We need to help clients set up their Shutterstock account
  4. We need to instruct clients on how to purchase and download the required photos with a corresponding license.

Using Shutterstock for Infinum internal projects

You are allowed to download/buy and use Shutterstock photos for Infinum Web or related promo materials with appropriate licensing.