Optimization Algorithms Expert

If you’re driven by finding innovative solutions for complex problems, and eager to take on an ambitious role in the auto industry, the opportunity is knocking.
<strong>Optimization Algorithms Expert</strong>

Who are we
looking for?

& Experience
  • degree in computer science, natural science, engineering or equivalent
  • very good understanding of operations research, and concepts (for example, using OptaPlanner or similar tool) 
  • familiarity with concepts related to optimization problems (e.g. nonlinear and linear programming, integer programming, combinatorial optimization)   
  • experience working with Java or Kotlin
  • familiarity with Linux environment
  • familiarity with Git or other source version control tools
  • ability to adapt to cross-functional teams and new ways of working
  • knowledge and experience working in an agile team and/or a willingness to learn
  • strong communication skills
  • excellent English knowledge
  • good German knowledge will be considered an advantage
  • working on a solution that takes into account all available data in the current production situation for scheduling tasks, thus increasing availability, decreasing costs, and decreasing stress for the workers
  • build and implement state-of-the-art optimization solutions for scheduling of staff and machines in car manufacturing
  • push the state of the art in applied operations research by extending rule engines and frameworks to perform constraint solving on an industrial scale
  • ability to analytically and critically understand complex domain knowledge and to translate it into machine-readable (soft/ hard) constraints to find (near) optimal solutions
  • design, build and execute tests for the validation of constraint logic and solving
  • develop test cases for automated unit testing of optimization problem solvers
  • ensure optimal constraint solving performance and scalability in the production environment
  • collaborate with a cross-functional product team for risk analysis and reporting
  • push and strive to resolve bugs without compromising quality

Please have in mind that technical requirements are not set in stone. If you’re a motivated person, highly interested in this position, and willing to learn new skills, we will gladly review your application.

Make sure to upload all the documents (CV, cover letter, etc.) in .pdf.
The job position is open until we find the most suitable candidate.

Tools we use

Lightweight, embeddable planning engine – our AI constraint solver of choice.
One of two programming languages of choice for this role.
The second programming language of choice for this specific role.
We use Python to write scripts that help us extract, transform and load the data.
We use Productive for time tracking, budgeting and project management. It helps us have all the information in one place.
We use Slack for work and for fun. It’s our go-to tool for maintaining sanity both in office and remote.

What can you
expect from us?

We offer a number of benefits, high-quality tools,
bad jokes, and a stimulating work environment.

Professional development
Learning & development
We believe that honest two-way feedback is the foundation of growth. In our bi-weekly one-on-one talks and quarterly 360 reviews, we discuss what’s good and what could be better.
Versatile projects
Our teams get to work on very interesting projects for renowned brands and clients from a range of industries, some of which we can’t namedrop due to NDAs.
Educational budget
If you’re eager to learn, we’re eager to help. Every employee receives an educational budget to buy books, attend courses or visit conferences.
Contributing to open source
Sharing is caring doesn’t only apply to chocolate. Our way of giving back to the community is publishing open-source libraries and resources.
Paid language courses
Paid language courses help our employees master the English language, in addition to being fluent in their programming languages.
Doing a career switch
We don’t have a sorting hat to tell you where you belong, but we will support your career switch from one job position to another. More info here.
Traveling on business
Having clients all over the world means our employees sometimes have to travel to and work from beautiful locations. Gotta do what you gotta do.
Health &
Family life
Subsidized recreation
Stay in shape with a sponsored fitness membership of your choice. You never know when the elevator is going to go out of order.
Sponsored health checks
You know the old saying – the greatest wealth is health. Regular health checks are on us, getting your five-a-day in is on you.
Flexible working hours
Hate waking up very early or fancy going for a run at the lunch break? Tailor your working hours to fit your schedule.
Paid vacation for everyone
Students or non-students, everybody deserves a carefree time-out to recharge their batteries. Bon voyage!
the office
Free power-ups
Snack on fruit, cookies, and nuts to keep your energy levels up, then pour a cup of strong tea or coffee over it for a good measure.
Car and bike parking
Whether your ride comes on two wheels or four, don’t let it get caught in the rain. We offer free parking for bicycles and subsidize car parking.  
Working remotely
We like people who go the extra mile, so we don’t let miles and kilometers limit us. Office location? Anywhere. It’s all about flexibility.
Fun and games budget
Every team gets a monthly budget to hang out and do fun stuff. While foodie teams love restaurant hopping, adrenaline seekers prefer to get locked up in escape rooms.
Bring your dog to work
If your four-legged friend doesn’t eat MacBooks, let him tag along. Your colleagues will appreciate the stress relief.

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