Java Team Lead

Java Team Lead

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Java isn’t just your favorite coffee, and Spring is more than a season to you. You’re an experienced backend developer who’s a natural team leader, and we’re looking for you.

We are a team of 11 backend-oriented engineers operating on the JVM, where our primary language is Java. Our tech stack is focused around the Spring Framework and its surrounding ecosystem, which provides a versatile and established foundation for our projects. The use of a relational database in the backend world is almost a given, and the RDBMS of our choice is PostgreSQL. However, we also use several other services in our projects, such as Elasticsearch, Redis, and RabbitMQ.

The team is working on a number of digital services, primarily in the domain of (smart) home appliances, where we design and implement various APIs and solve interesting integration challenges. Our goal is to produce clean, maintainable, and well-tested code while applying domain-driven design and enterprise integration patterns. The nature of backend-oriented work also puts us in a position to collaborate with many other teams within our organization – from Mobile and Web to DevOps, and naturally the QA.

As a Team Lead, you would be directly responsible for 4 to 6 people and you would report to the Head of the Backend Department.


Qualifications & Experience

at least 5 years of experience in backend development using Java or another JVM language (Groovy, Kotlin, Scala…)

at least 2 years of experience in managing a team

experience with leading projects

ability and willingness to inspire, lead, and manage a team

great time management, organizational, and multitasking skills

great interpersonal and communication skills

good understanding of Spring Framework and its surrounding ecosystem

good understanding of relational databases (preferably PostgreSQL) and data modeling

good understanding of HTTP based APIs

knowledge of software development patterns

excellent written and spoken English

Bonus points

experience with NoSQL data stores (e.g. Redis, Elasticsearch)

experience with cloud platforms (e.g. AWS, Azure, Google Cloud)

experience with messaging systems (e.g. Kafka, RabbitMQ) and messaging-based architectures

experience with defining CI/CD pipelines

experience in people management

experience in hiring

experience in mentoring and coaching

experience working at a digital agency


Your responsibilities

planning, development, deployment, and maintenance of various software solutions

participating in the hiring and onboarding processes

developing team members’ professional potential

mentorship and guidance

proactively coordinating team members’ workload

doing regular follow-ups on the projects your team members are working on

taking care of your team members’ well-being

doing periodical performance reviews with your team members

defining actionable and measurable goals for the team and your team members

collaborating with other Team Leads in the team, the department, and the company

we use


We rely on Docker in a variety of ways, from simplifying the setup of a local development environment to packaging and running our applications as containers.


The build tool of our choice is Gradle, whose performance ensures developer happiness.

Semaphore and Jenkins

We are practicing Continuous Integration and Semaphore and Jenkins (depending on project/client) are the tools we use.


Code quality matters, and we use Sonarqube to help us keep it in check.

IntelliJ IDEA

Our preferred IDE is IntelliJ IDEA due to its set of unparalleled productivity-boosting features.

GitHub or Bitbucket

We keep our work in GitHub or Bitbucket (depending on project/client) and use pull request flow as our daily routine.


Company-wide standard communication channel for both work and fun.


A go-to place for an assorted collection of practices used within the team and company.

What we’ve

What do we offer?

Feedback and feedforward

Honest communication fuels growth. In our 1 on 1 sessions, 360 reviews, and career progression meetings, we discuss what is great and what could be improved.

Additional equipment budget

A little extra to supplement your standard work equipment. Pick a latest-model mobile phone, tablet, e-book reader, or a pair of earphones you’ve been dreaming about. Mix & match, why not.

Contributing to open source

Sharing is caring doesn’t only apply to chocolate.

Educational budget

If you’re eager to learn, we’re eager to help. Every employee receives an educational budget.

Paid language courses

Paid language courses help our employees master the English language.

Doing a career switch

We don’t have a sorting hat to tell you where you belong, but we will support your career switch from one job position to another.

Traveling on business

Having clients all over the world means our employees sometimes have to travel to and work from beautiful locations.

Subsidized recreation

Stay in shape with a sponsored fitness membership of your choice.

Sponsored health checks

You know the old saying – the greatest wealth is health.

Working remotely

Office location? Anywhere. It’s all about flexibility.

Free power-ups

Snack on fruit, cookies, and nuts to keep your energy levels up.

Car and bike parking

Don’t let it get caught in the rain. We offer free parking for bicycles and subsidized car parking.

Flexible working hours

Tailor your working hours to fit your schedule.

Fun and games budget

Every team gets a monthly budget to hang out and do fun stuff.

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