Neven Matas

Why Penetration Testing Is Important for Your Business

The main reason why penetration testing is important is that it allows us to view your product with a hacker’s eyes.

Neven Matas

Want Better Collaboration on Development Projects? Try BDD

Feel like software development teams often behave like children throwing tantrums? Try behaviour-driven development to improve collaboration.

Neven Matas

How Not to Suck at Writing Bug Reports

A good bug report means bugs can be squashed faster, and the faster they do, the sooner the product can be declared shippable.

Neven Matas

Bystander or Revolutionary: How to Bring Value to Software Projects

Some lessons about adapting to significant growth and challenging projects from a software tester's perspective.

Neven Matas

10 Principles of Successful App Testing

I guess there are two kinds of people in the world: the ones who make things and the ones who break things.

Neven Matas