Ante Pelivan

Product Discovery Workshops Glossary

Preparing for a product discovery workshop? Here's your glossary of most common phrases and buzzwords.

Ante Pelivan
Nina Jelić

3 Steps to Get More Value out of Product Discovery Workshops

When done properly, workshops work like gangbusters to get you better apps and products quicker.

Ante Pelivan

Fintech Brands Use Psychology to Get Users – So Can You

What makes someone go “Shut up and take my money” and how can brands take advantage of it?

Ante Pelivan

Behavioural Science Can Help Emerging Brands Acquire Customers

Competing with well-established brands just got strategic.

Ante Pelivan

15 Ways to Prepare Your eCommerce for Black Friday 2020

Quick changes you can make to your webshop in time for Black Friday.

Ante Pelivan